Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-06-23 22:46:06 (UTC)

Rarely, if ever, have I been..

Rarely, if ever, have I been more fatigued than over these
last couple of days. I was up at 5-ish on Friday to get
across to Mirfield to watch the game, and Friday night only
ended at about 2 - 3-ish, with vomit-related (though not
me) amusing incidents. Of which no news will come
later...its not important, but it was funny.

Saturday started at much a similar time, and though I came
home mid-afternoon, I was absolutely shattered. 100% wasted
Saturday evening asleep, and then most of Sunday the same.
That's today, though today feels like Monday. Tomorrow I
look for a job.

I'll let you know...

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