Penny for my Thoughts
2001-06-22 19:29:48 (UTC)

So what are we suppose to do..

So what are we suppose to do now? I can't believe that
Randy has the heart to do something like that. I wanna know
how the hell he sleeps at night. Everyone that has those
problems is at fault themselves. Ben is everything that
they want to be and can't stand that in this kind of world.
I hate these people, and I can't stand the fact that Randy,
after all those times he appologized and all those times he
was sorry for treating Ben the way he did, was such a
fucken lie. I want so bad for him to see the way he has
ruined our lives and Ben's career. What the hell is he
suppose to do now?
I feel that as of right now, we are at a dead end. No turn
around after this one. I need to be strong for him though.
He is so sensitive in those ways that it breaks my heart to
see him this way. He has busted his ass for this man, and
in return, he is stabbed so hard that the wound will be
there forever. I am so upset at this. What the hell are we
suppose to do now? We're not going to be able to afford to
move our dogs, pay our car payments, we have so many
bills. I have such a heavy heart now, that it kills me to
know that from this point on, there is no going back.