dismal life
2002-06-23 20:36:07 (UTC)

i'm old

I graduated high school on June 20th of 2002....THANK THE
FUCKING LORD...I need to get out of that shit hole..

MikeY still has a year to go and I'm going to college. He
wants us to find an apartment here in Belleville for a
while but I'm not sure on what to do. He left today for
boot-camp for 10 weeks...Let's see what happens in 10

I'm going to miss everyone from high school
though...riggggght.. ) I'm going to miss talking to Matt
about his wild weekends at Q's and Natalie punching me in
the hallway...Ahh I'll probably see their ass soon...I hope
Matt is better from his surgery...=*) get better!

I had never seen Natalie soo happy before in my life. She
actually seemed like she cared about everyone that
night...I won't get used to it....

Well Belleville High school can kiss my ass...