2002-06-23 20:32:26 (UTC)


I've looked through my projects and realized I have a number
of half-finished projects I need to finish.

1. Yellow applique needlework bag
2. Rabbit penny rug
3. Hollyhocks and hearts
4. Primitive basket doll quilt
5. Folk art quilt

I'm going to finish at least two of these before beginning
another project. There are far too many projects tempting
me right now!

Interestingly, food is not much of a temptation for me. I
think it's because of the prescription I'm taking for acid
reflux disease. It seems to have taken my appetite away.
I'm using this to full advantage! In the past three months
I've lost 30 pounds. That's the good news. The bad
news is that I still have quite a bit more to lose but I'm
working on it slowly and surely.

Fresh fruits, berries and vegetables will also soon become
more plentiful and that will help. Unless, of course, I make
them into pies! I'll be ordering my strawberries from
Hentze's soon. If I'm lucky they'll still be available the
first week of July. I want to make a strawberry shortcake
for John's birthday which is July 5th.