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2002-06-23 17:06:13 (UTC)

I saw Mel today - days are fast

Sunday afternoon I saw Mel. She was with some friends. I
think all those girls like Mel because she is a sun. But
they could not realize I am the source of heat that brights
her life.
Weekend past fast. The better was that iddles days values
more than all five days of a business week. Because these
days are made for ourselves. And they deserved to be last
more than work days.
People take the weekend for a life. And other days for
byild and maintain civilization.
The Sun brights twice and wind stopped when I was in front
of Mel. People lies and their lies became a wall between
me and friends. I will crush the wall and neither dust will
be remain from false friends or enemies. They left much time
ago their wall in our lives.
Diary of a real hero.