Joni's Thoughts
2002-06-23 19:49:14 (UTC)

Life As A Hermit

This is my very first entry in this diary thing and I
have to say that at times it will be quite intresting some
may even say exciting, and other times so boring you will
have to take a pencil and jab it into your eye repeatedly
just to stay awake and read the rest of the entry. This, I
am afraid to say will be one of those times.
I feel like a hermit trapped inside my house against
it's own free will. Although that doesn't really make sense
because hermits like being in the house. You see I have a
kidney infection and since I am sick I have to stay in my
house. The kidney is keeping me down. I have been stuck in
my house for the last 2 days. All I do is watch tv,eat,
sleep and talk on the computer. But the computer thing is
cool because I have a great friend who keeps me company. To
some this must seem like the ultimate life but to me it is
the ultimate nightmare. I am so bored of being in the house
that I am all excited about getting to go over to my Mom's
house later and feed her pets. You see she is in Florida
right now and won't be home for another 5 days. My sister
is suppose to be at my Mom's hosue right now but she is in
the Dells with her boyfriend. So I am the watcher over of
the pets this weekend.
You are probably wondering who the heck is this chick
and why is she telling me all this stuff. I don't even know
her name. She just stops me and atarts rabbling. Well my
name is Joni and I am 22 years old but will be 23 in
August. I live in Wisconsin where the milk flows freely and
the winters are freakin cold. I have been married to a
great guy for 1 year and 31 days :). I work at a local drug
store where I meet some very "intresting" yet scary people,
whom I'm sure I will mention in future entries. We have one
dog named Presley and a cat named Monty and 4 fish.
I think I am going to go take a nap or something
* More Exciting Adventures Of Joni In The Future *

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