Big whoaday
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2001-06-22 19:18:27 (UTC)


Dear Journal,
It's Friday,June 22nd,2001 and what a smi-glorius day it
was. Yesterday,June 21st,2001, Liberty Baptist Youth went
to Go-karts Plus in williamsburg. It was alot of fun. I had
great tiem witht he go karts, bumberboats, and putt-putt as
well as hangin with friends/. Well i guess it was nice
becuase it got my mind off of Andrea for while. As a matter
of fact, for along while, until that is, we got back to
Church. It is about 12:00 and Ben Poole and i are heading
home, but we had to help Tiffany Cornn start her car. As i
am heading towards tiffany's car rot help her i notice this
car in the parking lot and a women in it with this man.
Turns out wouldn't you know, that it was: dadada Andrea's
Mom!!! Wahut int he heck was she doing there. I categorize
it as almost demonic obsession. The demon has placed
andreas mom there at that time so that i would have to
think of her. Well i guess it jsut isn't gonna be easy. But
anyways i am gonna go now, Peace!!!

Brian Norris
June 22nd,2001