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2001-06-22 19:02:49 (UTC)

I Want to Be the One

I Want To Be The One
by Kiley J. Houghland

I want to be the one,
who holds you very tight.
The one who awakes you with a kiss,
and protects you from the night.

I want to be the one,
you turn to when your down,
reassurance that I have faith,
and your success is bound.

I want to be the one,
who is there by your side.
The one who wipes the tears
away from your eyes.

I want to be the one
you rely on to comfort you,
throughout the darkest hour,
and ensure you make it through.

I want to be the one
who brings the sun after your rain,
who makes you smile.
I want to be your everything.

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