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2002-06-23 17:37:49 (UTC)

The rest of the week...

Well, it's been a few days since i have updated. I kinda
forget some of the stuff i did over the days. Gimme a
second to recall.... ahhh.. yes.. Thursday = my last day of
drivers ed. I finished up my 6 hours of driving, and now i
just have to take the damn classroom part during the
schoolyear (since i will be on vacation when they have it
during the summer). I think after that, i went swimming at
the thompsons. Around 5, i left and went to visit Chad for
a few, then i went to soccer practice. Soccer actually
wasn't that bad. After soccer, i drove around with Izzy and
Katlin. We went to their friend's house... that was rather
interesting. On Friday, I went to the wave pool with Izzy,
Katlin, Terese, and Melissa. That was fun. I saw a lot of
people there that i knew... to name a few... ashley, emily,
whitney, my sister, kelly, amanda. Afterwards, Katlin and i
went to keeper practice. It was really hot outside, but
atleast practice wasn't really as hard as it usually is. On
Friday night, i went to the Murrysville fair and watched
the fireworks. That's the end of Friday. Yesterday,
Saturday, i went over my friend's (Lauren) house. That was
a lot of fun. We went swimming for a little bit, then out
to dinner, then came back and did some fireworks and swam
in the dark. LOL.. lauren... remember about the "SKYY", and
the "boys play cards". Afterwards, i came home. Now it is
currently Sunday afternoon... and i just woke up at 1:30.
My parents are both gone until Tuesday night, so i am
trying to get some kind of party happening... but i dont
think anyone will show up. Oh well.

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