lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-23 17:28:00 (UTC)

and i didn't even see it coming!

haha dumb & dumber is the movie of my life, ok?? first
off, if i make a lot of typos, it's cuz i'm on the mac finally
and the keyboard is different so i have to get used to it
again. and i'm too lazy to check for mistakes. yay.

so i got to zach's at about 6:20, fashionably late. when i
walked in, the first person i saw was josh, and he
grabbed me by the arm and was all friendly and said
"zach's out back! i'm glad you could come! is meghan
here?" and she wasn't so i told him that all my friends
had ditched me. so he stuck his head inside the little
jolly jumper thing and said, "ZACH! lindsay's here!" and
zach and miles came out and hugged me and it was a
cute & sprecious moment. and then rainey, the beast
of my life, popped her head out and i think i might have
snarled. hmmm not always a friendly thing.

and i was getting freaked out because they were the
only people i knew..soo i called meg to see if she was
coming and she said no and i told her she had to or
else i would leave, so she said she'd come at 7. but as
soon as i got off the phone, i ran into aubrey powell, the
best person in the world. and we sat outside & talked
to miles & a few other guys i didn't know but they were
really nice. and then some other people like steve
coleman and jeff kooker (my freaking hero) magically
appeared, so it was cool. and then we got our food &
all sat on the front porch eating & talking.

special moment alert: here's a little convo between me
& miles...

M- remember washington dc? how we were like
boyfriend and girlfriend?

L- we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend

M- i know. but it felt like we were. and everyone thought
we were. so we kinda were.

L- haha, well a lot of scandal happened, huh?

M- yeah that was fun

and then meghan busted in saying how we were "all
over each other", which i will deny to my grave. but josh
started freaking out and going "oh my gosh! are you
serious? you guys used to be--?" and it was so
ridiculous but fun. and miles started playing with my
hair and i was like "NOOOOO i can't like miles!!" and
then i told myself to stop smoking crack.

then meghan took me to her grandparents house & it
was super-cute. i love her raunchy grandpa.

then we went back to the house & aubrey & i ate cake
and got attacked by zach's cousin. actually, it was like
the third time he had attacked me, but he found
something in common with aubrey so that was a relief.
so i left to go to the bathroom...

and the bathroom window was like RIGHT next to the
ping-pong table, and i was really scared to go to the
bathroom cuz i could hear guys out there talking & stuff
& i KNOW they could hear me if i peed. so i waited a
few minutes and i heard one guy say, "dude, you're
being such a homo! what would your baja girl say if
she walked out right now?" and the guy he was talking
to said, "dude shut up, where is she?" and i was
wearing my baja betty shirt so i'm assuming that some
boys were talking poop about me. problem is, i have
NO idea who they are.

and then the big moment. hmm this entry is really long.
maybe i'll make this PART TWO!!! stay tuned...

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