2002-06-23 16:13:12 (UTC)

virgin suicides

i watched this movie just now and it made me very
emotional..."virgin suicides." It's about these 5 sisters
that commit suicide because their mother controls every
aspect of their life. well, they are only allowed to leave
the house to go to school, and they have no other social
life. this movie just hit me straight a's what somebody wrote as a review to the
movie/book "virgin suicides:"

"I recommend this book not to teenagers but parents who are
controlling. This will show you that if you do not let your
children have some fun or enjoyment than you might just
loose them. This book is about 5 sisters who's lives our
controlled and are not allowed to go anywhere but these 2
events. ON top of that their dad is a teacher their
school ! They kill themselves because their lives sucked.
They did nothing but go to school. That is not a life. Yet
after i was done this book i saw no good point to this
book. Maybe it was because i can not relate to these