Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-06-23 15:32:43 (UTC)

The move

I thought it would hit me a little harder then this and I
kinda feel bad I havent been crying my eyes out ever since
she left. She told me she had, and couldnt sleep that night
until 4 o'clock and she had to get up at 5. She cried on
the way to drop me off but I couldnt even look at her. I
looked out the window and watched the road go by knowing
that if I looked at her, I would break down too! I dont
like to show her how bad it makes me feel, or how hurt I
will be without her but maybe she should know. She is my
best friend and I hope it stays that way, but knowing this
life, she will find someone better and drop me to the curb.
I cried a little last night, but didnt want to show my
boyfriend how bad I really hurt so I left the room and went
to the bathroom and let a cry in there. I was in there for
2 minutes and put it all away and pretended like I was
affected because thats how I work. I really dont know what
it will be like, not having her around. Just thinking about
it bring me down and make me want to scream and hit
something and then maybe I will cry. I hear her boyfriend
is really trying to deal with it. I want to be there for
him but I dont know what he wants. Maybe I will call him up
and ask him how he is, and tell him how much I want to cry
and show him how I feel. Because she left and we have a
broken bond and I want her to come back. I miss her so much
it hurts inside.

I just want her to know I miss her and love her and hope
her the best!

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