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2002-06-23 15:07:42 (UTC)


Yesterday was a beautiful day. I went for a long bike
ride. I didn't get tan as much as I thought. Mostly on my
upper arms. Today looks to be a scorcher as well. I'm
gonna call Nick this morning to see whats up. Hes been
hanging out a lot with the people he met on the computer.
Said he went down to the district til 4 in the morning.
One place wouldn't let him in coz they said his shorts were
too baggy. I got my resume all ready to go. I'm gonna
hand it in Monday morning before I go to the colony. I
need to ask Bob or somebody if they'd let me leave and come
back a few times or if I get this other job, whether they'd
just want me to quit. I think they'd let me leave again
but I'm sure the're gonna be looking for a straight
answer. Will I stay or will I leave? Hopefully leave.
The colony has afforded me a lot of oppurtunities. This
was the first place I ever drove a forklift. The company
just doesn't have enough to offer me. I told them that
it'd be better if they were a year round operation. Of
course I say all this stuff but I'm still working there.
If I'm there for 5 more years I'll be sticking my foot in
my mouth. Alright, thats enough for now. Take care. Love
you, BYE!!!.

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