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2002-06-23 14:12:40 (UTC)

guilt, the universe and mistakes

I think that I've totally screwed up... I quit university
thinking that it wasnt what I wanted to do, and now two
weeks later I'm thinking that I made a mistake.

I dont like being here (bitch, bitch, moan, moan)... I have
nothing to do and no job. I have good friends... but the
time will come when I'll have to eat them because I've run
out of grocery money.

I should go back to uni and get a degree and get a decent
job... In the mean time, I have six months to think about
how I've wasted a year of my life. Even when you're only
18, its not a good feeling to have...

Grr... I've even left it too late to enrol in TAFE. Goddamn
my laziness.

And I thought that I would be relaxed as well... In theory
it works that way. No work=no stress... but do you have any
idea how many stupid jobs your parents can find for you
when you have nothing of importance to do yourself... who
knew we even had that many dishes? And who buys a car for
their daughter and then tells them that they cant go out
because its for 'educational' purposes?...

Well... I have learnt a few things in it, I suppose.

So, at the moment, I'm even thinking that I should get a
job just so that can stop listening to my mother harp on
about 'networking' and my father telling me to stop using
that tone of voice on my mother... So, my thought that it
would be less stressful is not true. Moral of the day is;
dont quit something because you think that youe life will
be easier. As long as you have someone to 'love' you, they
will nag you until you want to die. Or you do. Nothing
stops a good nagger like a tomb stone.

Jeff Buckley was good. More than one thing in life isnt

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