AngeL w/o WinGs

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2002-06-23 13:12:01 (UTC)

Why'd ya have to go...n make me say those things about you..?

Those were the lyrics stuck in my head allllll last night
at the party, it is from NFG's new album Sticks and Stones.
I went to Amanda D.'s Sweet 16 at the firehouse, it was
actually really nice there, even though barely anyone
showed up. I was friends with...well Amanda, Corey Rob, and
Brittany. And then abuncha Great Adventure people showed
up, and one of them looked exactly like my best friend Joe
Mauer. And then no one would even move from their seats,
but eventually they did, and dancing was 'a blast', lol. It
was fun, it really was. I swing danced with Mike, the cool
boy that reminded me of Joe. And Corey of course. And then,
this guy Orlando, one of the Great Adventure kids. Orlando,
now he was a funny guy, very easy going, fun personality,
and a hell of a dancer. He volunteered us for the game at
front where u choose a partner and get tied together with
ropes and try to untie yourselves. After 10min. of not
being able to do it, we gave up and started dancing...ropes
and all. ANd then at the slow parts of the songs he would
pull me in and be like, ok slow dance time, IN THE ROPES.
and it was just a good feeling I had. Mind you, I HAVE a
boyfriend, who was absent from this party b/c he seems to
be absent to anything having to do with me at all, and it
gets me so upset, but I totally forgot about him at the
party. But yeah.....Orlando and I got along real well, and
then later on when I was talking to Britt and we were all
goofin off and he put his arms around me from behind, Britt
with the big mouth yells "She has a boyfriend!!! She has a
boyfriend!!!" and it wasn't until then that I even
remembered that, and Orlando like jumped back, and he
seemed to get upset, if only he knew at that moment in
time, I liked him 10x better than my own boyfriend and if
Britt hadn't opened her mouth, we would have had more than
a goodbye hug. anyways, that was my confusing tale, of how
my boyfriend doesn't seem to care about me, or even care
about not caring about me at all, and I just wish he

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