The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-06-22 17:30:18 (UTC) it is the Orange peels first trial!

Okay well i have decided to write in this whole "diary"
thing again..Well Will has
been really weird Lately i mean this is what happend
yesterday------- (the conversatin w/ Will)

MonoxideChild409 wants to directly connect.
MonoxideChild409 is now directly connected.
MonoxideChild409: aRE YOU THERE?1
MonoxideChild409: i guess you can read my lyric if ever you
MonoxideChild409: i'm worried about you christina
MonoxideChild409: UnivNC: same ol shit nigga
girls really playing with my head
i am just gonna chill in bed
too many things done to make you see
that all along i just wanted to be
the one to make you happy
MonoxideChild409: now mind is spinnig, dazed when i thought
that i was winning, thought i knew who i was, and where i
was from, last in line for a moment of fun, but then my
world's turned round again, love is lost but i found my
UnivNC: upside down and turrned all around
thought that maybe i had found
the one to take away the pain
threw away a dream and a butterfly
all for a broken haze in my head
is this a faze or am i dead

MonoxideChild409: trapped in side the echoside, what's left
of you if you're alive? a mind to mold, a life to hold, a
chance to shine, we'll make moc 9, climb past the rest
cause we know who we are, scrubss are heart but we're still
goin far
UnivNC: looks to kill the girls
all about the thrills
taking girls out all night
just to get played after a fight
trying to be the differant one
well its all said and done
where do i go from here
MonoxideChild409: well the next move made, a monent lost or
eternity saved? love life or hell? which do you decide?
choose your path i'll be your guide, from here to hell it's
not that far, just be a bitch you'll get there fast, life
is long with time to last, live from day to day and in this
world you'll say, and when it's all siad and done, what if
you happen to love someone? the love returned will set you,
behind those walls lies eternity
UnivNC: have you ever loved someone that was confused
like always i have been accused
to be the same ol guy....break hearts
but what happens when urs get ripped apart
buy the same girl all cuz you love her
where now sir
MonoxideChild409: well that's the time to pay the fee, live
your life, set your soul free, love is lost when one tries
to be boss, step this way and i'll set you free, soon
you'll be in eternity
MonoxideChild409 direct connection is closed.
InsaneGurl501: Hi

Auto response from MonoxideChild409: is it a rule that i
hurt those that i love?

MonoxideChild409: sure you want to talk to me? i'll only
hurt you more
InsaneGurl501: no..we need to talk
MonoxideChild409: hold on my mom wants me
MonoxideChild409: brb
InsaneGurl501: ok
MonoxideChild409: ok
InsaneGurl501: ok
InsaneGurl501: i dont know how to say this so can i just
send you the conversation that Mary and I had?
MonoxideChild409: yea
InsaneGurl501: Yourmom994u: why arent you talking to will?
InsaneGurl501: b/c
Yourmom994u: why?
InsaneGurl501: b/c i am not talking to him
Yourmom994u: whys that?
InsaneGurl501: he pissed me off today at the lake
Yourmom994u: you at least owe him enough to tell him why
you arent talking to him
Yourmom994u: what did he do
InsaneGurl501: and so did Sarah M..god i hate her shes such
a slut!
Yourmom994u: please dont say that
Yourmom994u: shes great
Yourmom994u: what did she do?!!?!?!?
InsaneGurl501: maybe to you but she was like HANGING all
over Will today it just made me sick! and then Will was
letting her! i mean it just bothered me..and then they were
ignoring me but i had Libby so that doesnt bother me but
ahhh i mean she was ALL OVER him..!!
Yourmom994u: whoa
Yourmom994u: i dont think so
InsaneGurl501: yah well that is exaclty what it looked like
to me
InsaneGurl501: she was all over him at the beach when we
were walk TO the beach and when we hung out at Ashleys
Yourmom994u: shes not like that, i assure you, maybe you
need to know her better or maybe you need all the facts,
but i guess that you have a right to be angry, but please
dont say those things
InsaneGurl501: sorry..i dont mean to sound mean but you did
InsaneGurl501: Yourmom994u: its okay
Yourmom994u: im trying to calm you down
InsaneGurl501: what do you think should i try and talk to
InsaneGurl501: i hate being mad at people
Yourmom994u: yes
Yourmom994u: you definitly should
InsaneGurl501: i suck at being mad at people
InsaneGurl501: ok i'll try
InsaneGurl501: but hes on away message
InsaneGurl501: but ill say hi or something
Yourmom994u: yes
InsaneGurl501: ok
Yourmom994u: see
Yourmom994u: keep going dude
InsaneGurl501: i have to wait for him to come back
InsaneGurl501: Yourmom994u: oh
Yourmom994u: lol
Yourmom994u: right
InsaneGurl501: his mom wanted to ask him something or
somthing like that
Yourmom994u: lol
Yourmom994u: he said brb
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: how did you know that?
Yourmom994u: he said brb to me
InsaneGurl501: oh ok]
InsaneGurl501: im like WHOA!
InsaneGurl501: ok hes back
Yourmom994u: okay
Yourmom994u: good luck
InsaneGurl501: i know
InsaneGurl501: i need it
Yourmom994u: just remain calm
InsaneGurl501: ok
MonoxideChild409: ok, so i'm an asshole, i'm a flirt, and
you hat me because you think i'm doing auge wrong, or
because i left you out? i'm sorry, i'm an asshole i know
it, i'm a flirt, i know it, and i didn't mean to ignore
you, and on my side of the lines, anything today with sarah
was jsut messin around, nothing more, i'm sorry if that
upsets you, and ur right i was an ass today, it's mostly
because i had gotten used to much, much more than anything
that happend today, and it's like wihdrawl, and that's no
excuse, but it's really why i'm a total pervert now
MonoxideChild409: i didn't mean to be an ass, just flirted
like alwatys, which always gets me in trouble, and then i
ignored you, and i'm sorry for that, i wish you had told me
that earlier in the day, maybe at least some of this
conflict wouldn't have arisen
MonoxideChild409: or and on the way to the beach and at the
gbeggingin at the beack sarah was keeping meghan voymous at
bay as i asked her to, so don't blame her for that, that's
my fault
MonoxideChild409: i think you'd get a long great, but i've
probably fucked up your chance to have a new friend, i'm
sorry christina, i truly am, and really now, i don't know
whay more i can do about it, what's done is done
InsaneGurl501: your not an Asshole i just over reacted i
should have "jumped" to conclusions like i did that was
stupid of me to do that
MonoxideChild409: no it wasn't
InsaneGurl501: it just bothers me that you flirt like you
do (to tell ya the truth) and i just dont like watching
that when all i can think about is Auge and how this is
looking to me and what i think when i se it
InsaneGurl501: *see it happen
MonoxideChild409: you didn't jump very far...
InsaneGurl501: yah but what i did was wrong..and im sorry i
should have done it
MonoxideChild409: the problem is, all i can think about is
auge, and everything i do has auge written all over it, and
frankly it kills me, and if it hadn't been sarah today it
woulda been ashley or you or libby, prolly all 3 of ya....
InsaneGurl501: Well i just dont think that Sarah takes it
that way
InsaneGurl501: i think she really likes you or else she
hangs all over guys like that normally
InsaneGurl501: i dont know
MonoxideChild409: i guess we'll find out
InsaneGurl501: and frankly i dont care..b/c i dont like her
i just dont but hey thats my opinon and no one elses
MonoxideChild409: i hated her till i started to talk to her
last night, and she's pretty cool, she's literally ashley
in libbies body
InsaneGurl501: one is Ashleu but Ashley and Ashley
dosnt hang all over you like that...God she pisses me off!
MonoxideChild409: talk to ashley
MonoxideChild409: she said it herself
MonoxideChild409: and ur right
InsaneGurl501: well she not
MonoxideChild409: i still don't think u should hate her
because i'm an asshole
InsaneGurl501: no i dont hate her b/c of you i hate her b/c
of the way she acted
MonoxideChild409: i let her act that way
MonoxideChild409: that's the point
MonoxideChild409: i would have let any of you act that way
InsaneGurl501: no i dont think Libby or I would have and i
highly doubt Ashley would go that far
MonoxideChild409: yea, but i would have let you had you
tried, and she's just an attention starved kid
InsaneGurl501: not going to Blow up..i am going
to act mature about an adult about it
MonoxideChild409: i'll try to do the same
MonoxideChild409: i'm talking to sarah bout it now in a
sorta way
MonoxideChild409: telling her today shit was wrong and it
won't be that way
MonoxideChild409: and i'll make sure it's not
InsaneGurl501: oik
InsaneGurl501: *ok
MonoxideChild409: and i'm not going to ignore you
MonoxideChild409: and that wasn't my purpose to begin with
InsaneGurl501: i am sure it wasnt but it sure as hell felt
like it..i mean......ahhh ok no i will be mature.......
InsaneGurl501: god this is harder then i thought
InsaneGurl501: who would have thought that it would be
difficult to act mature
MonoxideChild409: you can tell me how you felt
MonoxideChild409: i told her and that part is settled
InsaneGurl501: i felt like swimming over there and killing
her!!! yah thats right i felt like it and i felt like
smacking you!
MonoxideChild409: i wish you would have
MonoxideChild409: well smacked me anyways
InsaneGurl501: I can not stand her!!!
MonoxideChild409: i'm sorry
InsaneGurl501: its not your fault
InsaneGurl501: god this is so weird
MonoxideChild409: kinda
InsaneGurl501: i mean i never hate people i mean i dislike
them and stuff but i have literally never "hated" anyone
MonoxideChild409: i don't know what else i can say, it was
all in fun, for both her and i, and it looked more serious
than it was, we both acted like idiots, and you got hurt,
we fucked you over, and i'm sorry, and so is she, and i
don't know what i can do to help that
MonoxideChild409: i know you'll talk to me again, and i
know our friendship will go on, or at least i hope so
InsaneGurl501: yah it will
MonoxideChild409: but really it was more my fault than
hers, so really you should at least try not and hate her
MonoxideChild409: she's not a whore, she was just doin the
same shit i was
InsaneGurl501: well hey if i see her act mature around you
then yah hey maybe i can change my mind
MonoxideChild409: i guess we'll see then?
InsaneGurl501: i know shes not a whore but she was acting
like..well you saw the way she was acting
InsaneGurl501: yah i guess so
MonoxideChild409: yea, it was just as much my fault tho, i
let it happen
InsaneGurl501: that is kinda why i wasnt talking to you
MonoxideChild409: yea, i understand that
InsaneGurl501: but once again this is why I LOVE MARY!! so
much thanks to her she persuaded me into talkint to you
InsaneGurl501: *talking
InsaneGurl501: unless you told her to talk to me
MonoxideChild409: no i didn't
InsaneGurl501: and go figure she got off and then got on
and she hasnt imed me yet to talk......oh well thats
another story...and i have other things to talk about
MonoxideChild409: she hasn't talked ot me either
InsaneGurl501: did she talk to you before she got off?
MonoxideChild409: i don't even have her on my list, so it's
an Sn that i don't know
MonoxideChild409: no
InsaneGurl501: oh bnlisgod5
MonoxideChild409: ok
InsaneGurl501: oh then how did she know i was pissed of at
MonoxideChild409: i asked if she knew where you were
MonoxideChild409: cause i didn't know u were pissed at me
InsaneGurl501: oh
MonoxideChild409: and i told her i was worred about you
MonoxideChild409: and she' slike why
InsaneGurl501: i know i saw that
MonoxideChild409: i'm like cause she wasn't talked to me in
like 30 minuntes
MonoxideChild409: and she's liek oh
MonoxideChild409: and then she told me that u were gunna
talk to me
InsaneGurl501: ok this is gonna sound "childish" but i am
going to really test myself when i am with Ashley and/or
Libby or Mary b/c and they either talk about her or have
her over too..god that should be if you are
there just be ready to like restrain me!
InsaneGurl501: oh ok
MonoxideChild409: ok hun
MonoxideChild409: if i'm there i won't need to cause u
won't be pissed at her for bein all over me lol
InsaneGurl501: yah but dont think my mind wont come up with
some stupid reason to try and beat her!
InsaneGurl501: i am serious too..dont think im not
MonoxideChild409: ur right
MonoxideChild409: christina
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: i'm sorry, truley am, and i do love you,
and i do truley love auge with all my heart and i don't
want you to think that i've forgotten that
MonoxideChild409: and once more, thank you for telling me
to get offline
InsaneGurl501: holy crap look at that!! geez im sorry i
didnt mean to sound mean
InsaneGurl501: your welcome
MonoxideChild409: *hugs tight*
InsaneGurl501: *hugs back*
MonoxideChild409: love you
InsaneGurl501: i love ya to
InsaneGurl501: *too
MonoxideChild409: 32 hour week.......blech
InsaneGurl501: that sucks
MonoxideChild409: oh get this
MonoxideChild409: my parents need to "discuss" with me
about getting the truck
InsaneGurl501: ok?!
MonoxideChild409: which means they are going to bitch at me
now how i can't get it or some shit
InsaneGurl501: ok
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: piss me off....
InsaneGurl501: ahhh dont be pissed off
MonoxideChild409: i'm workin 32 hour weeks I WANT SOMETHING
InsaneGurl501: yah i know what ya mean
MonoxideChild409: i'm NOT gonna come outta this summer with
nothing to drive dmanit
InsaneGurl501: i know
MonoxideChild409: i really really am gonna be pissed if
they won't let me get this truck...
InsaneGurl501: i know how ya feel
MonoxideChild409: i still didn't get my check!
MonoxideChild409: my boss was on the phone i was like fuck
u i'm not waiting around
InsaneGurl501: yah that sucks
InsaneGurl501: so did Ashley get bitched at or do you know?
MonoxideChild409: yea
MonoxideChild409: not a lot tho
MonoxideChild409: and then she got bitched at cause she
wanted to go hug mary with me
InsaneGurl501: ha
MonoxideChild409: yea guess WHO i saw on the way to go hug
InsaneGurl501: who?
MonoxideChild409: Trevor, and in the car, Johanna, AND
InsaneGurl501: ok
InsaneGurl501: that doesnt seem to shock me
MonoxideChild409: me either
MonoxideChild409: asshole
MonoxideChild409: he pisses me off so damn much
InsaneGurl501: yah well i dont think he entirely knows what
he is doing..but Johanna and Carly are total whores and
they Hang around him i think they do it to just piss Mary
off b/c she is going out with him and they aren't
MonoxideChild409: i think so too sometimes
MonoxideChild409: i think carly does it cause she has no
life whatsoever as well though
InsaneGurl501: yah i have to agree
MonoxideChild409: an johanna? WHAT kind of person gets
kicked outta college!?

Auto response from InsaneGurl501: i have gone to take my
puppy out to go to the bathroom i'll be back in like 5 min.

MonoxideChild409: ok
InsaneGurl501: im back
MonoxideChild409: whooo!
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: i feel like i'm gonna pass
InsaneGurl501: why?
MonoxideChild409: it's not the bad kind either
MonoxideChild409: it's the like *you are getting
sleeeeeeeeppppyyyyy * sorta pass out
InsaneGurl501: then GO TO BED!!
InsaneGurl501: (whoa that sounds like something you would
say to me!)
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: i really don't want to, this is my day
off, my ONLY day off
MonoxideChild409: i know when did we revers roles?
InsaneGurl501: i dont knoiw
InsaneGurl501: *know
MonoxideChild409: what are u doin tomorrow?
InsaneGurl501: staying home and sleepin in an being a lazy
MonoxideChild409: then what?
InsaneGurl501: and my parents probaly put together a list
of "chores" to do
InsaneGurl501: nothin
MonoxideChild409: that sux
InsaneGurl501: stayin home
MonoxideChild409: cause i got nothin to do till work
MonoxideChild409: and nobdody's doin nothin....
MonoxideChild409: mufins has test
MonoxideChild409: ur home
MonoxideChild409: mary's home
MonoxideChild409: ashely's at work
MonoxideChild409: damn
InsaneGurl501: what about Libby?
MonoxideChild409: libby doesn't hang with me unless other
ppl are arounf
MonoxideChild409: meaning guess who'd prolly be there?
InsaneGurl501: did you ask?
MonoxideChild409: everytime i try to do somethin with just
libby she brings somebody or she cancels
MonoxideChild409: or somebody jsut shows up
InsaneGurl501: oh
MonoxideChild409: like when ashley did today, which is a
good thing
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: ?
MonoxideChild409: yea i wanted to see ashley!
MonoxideChild409: and she wanted to see us
InsaneGurl501: i know!
MonoxideChild409: i bought her an ICEE
MonoxideChild409: hehe i had one of them and a slushee
kinda thing too
InsaneGurl501: cool
MonoxideChild409: the slushie is BAD after the ICEE ewww
MonoxideChild409: lol
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: but b4 the ICEE it was AWESOME
InsaneGurl501: cool
MonoxideChild409: yea ashley agreed withme
InsaneGurl501: thats cool
MonoxideChild409: yuppers
MonoxideChild409: it was pretty fun u shoulda been there
InsaneGurl501: I m sorry i wasnt
MonoxideChild409: gufawww
MonoxideChild409: me too
MonoxideChild409: get this
MonoxideChild409: i asked libby what she was doin tomorow
MonoxideChild409: she's goin to the movies with and ferran
and sarah
InsaneGurl501: oj
InsaneGurl501: *oh
MonoxideChild409: so do i want to protect libby or do i
want to avoid sarah? or what?
InsaneGurl501: what?
MonoxideChild409: do i go to the movies with libby and andy
and sarah? or sit home and do nothin?
InsaneGurl501: you can go to the movies if you want it will
give you something to do
InsaneGurl501: and that is SO much better then staying home
all day
MonoxideChild409: yea, i coudl, but should i?
InsaneGurl501: trust me i am the Queen of staying home for
LONG periods of time!
InsaneGurl501: i dont really know....
InsaneGurl501: if you want
MonoxideChild409: exactly.....
InsaneGurl501: what are they seeing
MonoxideChild409: i don't know if i want to
InsaneGurl501: ok shes gone?!
InsaneGurl501: ok nother mind
MonoxideChild409: yea i was like wtf?
MonoxideChild409: lol
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: hehe
InsaneGurl501: uncomfortable silence!
MonoxideChild409: *hugs tight*
MonoxideChild409: i was tlakin to libby
MonoxideChild409: if she wants me to go to the movies
InsaneGurl501: *hugs back*
InsaneGurl501: oh ok
MonoxideChild409: i asked her if she REALLY wanted me to go
and such
MonoxideChild409: and she's liek YES I WANT YOU TO GO!
MonoxideChild409: and then she's like
MonoxideChild409: wiat you don't want to hang out with me
do you?
MonoxideChild409: so i had to explain the
short terms
InsaneGurl501: what situation?
InsaneGurl501: oh nother mind nomb
InsaneGurl501: none of my buisness
MonoxideChild409: whut?
InsaneGurl501: NoneOfMyBuisness
MonoxideChild409: you know the situation
InsaneGurl501: ha ha
MonoxideChild409: the whole SHOULD i go thing
InsaneGurl501: oh ok that one yah i told her
InsaneGurl501: AHHHHH
InsaneGurl501: ok i am really [email protected]@
MonoxideChild409: lol
MonoxideChild409: bout the movies
InsaneGurl501: ok
MonoxideChild409: like if i should go or not, i explained
that to her
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: love you colfy
InsaneGurl501: Love you Will
InsaneGurl501: OMG!!
MonoxideChild409: ?
InsaneGurl501: ok...
MonoxideChild409: whut?
InsaneGurl501: you and Libby gave me *hugs* at the same
time and then just now you both gave me " I love you's" at
the same time!!!
MonoxideChild409: that's the shit
InsaneGurl501: i tis!
MonoxideChild409: great minds think a like you know
InsaneGurl501: *It is
MonoxideChild409: hehe
InsaneGurl501: I FEEL SOO LOVED!
MonoxideChild409: you are!
InsaneGurl501: ahhhhhhh
InsaneGurl501: you did it agian!
InsaneGurl501: *again
MonoxideChild409: what did we do again!?
InsaneGurl501: you both did "You are"
InsaneGurl501: at the same timje
InsaneGurl501: *time
MonoxideChild409: you kinda set that one up tho didn't u,
if u siad i feel loved....
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: but still
MonoxideChild409: yea that's cool
InsaneGurl501: this is great!
MonoxideChild409: i know!
MonoxideChild409: so what's goin on?
InsaneGurl501: umm im talking to you and Libby
MonoxideChild409: that's cool
MonoxideChild409: i'm listenin to blink
InsaneGurl501: cool
MonoxideChild409: yea i love this cd
MonoxideChild409: it's not preppy again1
MonoxideChild409: woooo!
InsaneGurl501: cool
InsaneGurl501: HA HA-------- SEX!!!!!!!!
InsaneGurl501: SEx
InsaneGurl501: SE
InsaneGurl501: x
InsaneGurl501: s
InsaneGurl501: e
InsaneGurl501: x
InsaneGurl501: sex
InsaneGurl501: sex
InsaneGurl501: sex
InsaneGurl501: sex
MonoxideChild409: The last message was not sent because you
are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-
enabled and send the message again.

MonoxideChild409: ummmm ok?
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: ok
MonoxideChild409: nicely
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: i know the feeling though
MonoxideChild409: i wany my auge
MonoxideChild409: i want to hug her iw ant to hodl he
MonoxideChild409: her*
MonoxideChild409: hell my MOM wants an auge hug!
InsaneGurl501: ha ha! awwww thats soo sweet
InsaneGurl501: i miss her
MonoxideChild409: she made me tell her that she misses her
loves her and needs a hug form her!
InsaneGurl501: i have to call her tommorow
MonoxideChild409: she'd love it
MonoxideChild409: she met her father
MonoxideChild409: he's great it seems
InsaneGurl501: really?
InsaneGurl501: wow
MonoxideChild409: i'm still a lil worried, that's jsut
because i'm soo scared that she'll get hurt
MonoxideChild409: christina i'm soo scared....
InsaneGurl501: dont be Ashleys a strong girl
MonoxideChild409: yes, but if her father treats her like
her dad does.......i'm going to fuck somebody up
InsaneGurl501: yah well lets hope not
MonoxideChild409: i do....
InsaneGurl501: me too
MonoxideChild409: *hugs*
InsaneGurl501: *hugs*
MonoxideChild409: i'm so scared though, i had a dream...
MonoxideChild409: it's...just to horrible to utter
words....i just.......i can' can't happen....
InsaneGurl501: its mean of me to say this but dreams are
nothing they are not real..and they dont happen unless you
pshysic or something
MonoxideChild409: yea
MonoxideChild409: they wern't nigh dreams
MonoxideChild409: that's the problem
InsaneGurl501: i've had bad "day dreams" i have alot of
MonoxideChild409: yea
MonoxideChild409: mine aren't just that though
MonoxideChild409: here let me explain somehting
MonoxideChild409: ok when the doctors told me i couldnt'
take sleeping pills
InsaneGurl501: i scare myself with my "dreams" that i have
InsaneGurl501: ok
MonoxideChild409: after that i stopped only having
MonoxideChild409: but visions
MonoxideChild409: i mean sort of halucinations
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: like i swear to god it's real
InsaneGurl501: yah i know what ya mean
MonoxideChild409: and then i stopped about my nightmares i
had them at day too, so why not sleep?
MonoxideChild409: so i started taking all kinds of sleeping
MonoxideChild409: well that didn't help any
MonoxideChild409: but hte visions got more and more real....
MonoxideChild409: more and more around
me..........more..alive as it were
InsaneGurl501: uh huh ok thats a little scary..but ok i
know what ya mean.
InsaneGurl501: wow
MonoxideChild409: and they got to the point where i was
afraid of them as they were happening...
MonoxideChild409: like i'd run from something that i was
seeing in my head
InsaneGurl501: uh huhu
InsaneGurl501: *huh
MonoxideChild409: and i tried running when i had this
vision of auge...but i coudln't.....
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: and i hadn't had a vision like that in
over a year
InsaneGurl501: wow
MonoxideChild409: it scared the shit outta me, this CAN'T
come back christina...
MonoxideChild409: i can't do this all again, i can't do
InsaneGurl501: you wont
MonoxideChild409: i hope to god it won't
InsaneGurl501: me too
InsaneGurl501: me too Will
MonoxideChild409: *hugs tight*
InsaneGurl501: *hugs*
MonoxideChild409: thank you........
MonoxideChild409: ......for........everything.......
InsaneGurl501: your welcome
MonoxideChild409: *is in tears right now....*
InsaneGurl501: dont cry..please dont cry...because now im
MonoxideChild409: i haven't admitted.....any of
only one person besides you..ever...
InsaneGurl501: I love you will
MonoxideChild409: i love you too christina, please never
forget that
InsaneGurl501: i wont
MonoxideChild409: god why do u have to bein cheshire!?
InsaneGurl501: i dont know why do you have to be in town?
MonoxideChild409: cause it's closer than hopewell1
InsaneGurl501: well yah
MonoxideChild409: well move in town!
InsaneGurl501: yah right!
InsaneGurl501: i love the country!
MonoxideChild409: me too
MonoxideChild409: but i want u here!
InsaneGurl501: i know
MonoxideChild409: know any houses for sale out in east
bumfuck? i mean cheshire?
InsaneGurl501: ha ha
InsaneGurl501: yes i di
InsaneGurl501: *do
MonoxideChild409: where's that?
InsaneGurl501: i think
InsaneGurl501: i dont know
MonoxideChild409: damn
MonoxideChild409: i want to be near u!
InsaneGurl501: i know i wish i was near all of you guys!
MonoxideChild409: i miss the country so badly
MonoxideChild409: it means even more to me now than ever
InsaneGurl501: awww
MonoxideChild409: cause when i "went home" to hopewell was
when i was with auge...
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: i grew up most of my life in hopewell
MonoxideChild409: that will always be home to me
MonoxideChild409: and then it was with auge and nothing was
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: and here i am
InsaneGurl501: yup
MonoxideChild409: without auge in fuckin canandaiuga!
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: i mean what the hell is THAT all about?
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: i dont know
InsaneGurl501: i just dont know
MonoxideChild409: it blows
MonoxideChild409: i never wanted to move
InsaneGurl501: yah
MonoxideChild409: i mean here i have more space sure but i
hate it, well not hate
MonoxideChild409: i feel stuffed up
InsaneGurl501: brb
MonoxideChild409: ok
InsaneGurl501: ok im back
MonoxideChild409: woo
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: Jack and Dan work together and are good
friends while at work.
Outside of work they live different lives. One day, Jack
and Dan
are in the breakroom relaxing and drinking coffee when Jack
Dan the following:

JACK: Hey Dan can I ask you a personal question?

DAN: It depends, how personal?

JACK: Not much. Just wondering if you keep any secrets from

DAN: Oh no. I tell my wife everything.

JACK: Really. Then let me ask you this. If you went camping
the woods. You got all drunk and passed out, and in the
you woke up with scrapes all on your knees and hands. And
out of your ass was a used condom! Would you tell your wife

DAN YELLS: Hell no!

JACK: Okay! (Pauses a few seconds) Hey Dan, Wanna go

InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: LMAO
InsaneGurl501: i love this one!
MonoxideChild409: i love that lol
InsaneGurl501: yah
InsaneGurl501: its all about the sex ones!
MonoxideChild409: yea i know
MonoxideChild409: hehe
InsaneGurl501: yah yah thats right Will knows ALL the
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: yeahe does
MonoxideChild409: lol
InsaneGurl501: uh huh
MonoxideChild409: it's what i do
InsaneGurl501: i know
InsaneGurl501: so why dont you fix my computer?!
InsaneGurl501: lol
MonoxideChild409: i want to
InsaneGurl501: i want you too!
MonoxideChild409: lmao!
MonoxideChild409: i want you too baby oh YES YES YES!!!!!!
MonoxideChild409: lol
InsaneGurl501: OH YAH!!!!!!
InsaneGurl501: oh yah!!
MonoxideChild409: oh GOD it's jsut TOO GOOD
MonoxideChild409: OH YES!
MonoxideChild409: lol
InsaneGurl501: oh yah!!
InsaneGurl501: mmmmmmmmmm
InsaneGurl501: oh well i am really tired so i think i am
going to go to bed..goodnight

Well thats it that was are conversation! I talked to Ashley
Auge today and i told her all about this conversation and
what happened. I mean i think she deserves to know what
happened so i told her!
Now for some reason i feel like i just dont want to talk to
Will i feel "weird" about it i dont know but its weird And i have
Will who keeps
throwing a Guilt Trip on me like maybe if i feel bad and
keep telling him hes great or something that will make him
feel better! i dont know I hate it when people do that i
hate the Guilt Trip its like "ok thanks for bringing my
self esteem down!" Like mine is low enough(pretty much rock
bottom) and the only person i seem to be able to talk to is
Mary. and she never is able to get on when i am b/c most of time her
brother is on..oh well thats ok b/c when i do get to talk to Mary she
is really good at helping me through my problems and it seems that i
have been ignoring her lately i really should stop doing that infact
i think ill try to call her later today to just say "
hi"..oh well i wish i could go
back to 9th grade when i was in my little world were
nothing went wrong..of course this year 10th grade SUCKED!!
And then my other best friend is going to summer
school..and she might have to go to another school! I WAS
LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!!! she cant go! i mean i seriously dont
know what i would do i dont think i could emotionally
handle it! I having a hard time handling alot of thie shit
that is happening! oh well this is a LLOONNGG Enough entry
so bye

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