The mediocrity that is me
2002-06-23 11:15:50 (UTC)

"Reclaiming Cunt"

Oh yes. You know you want to say it --- scream it even.
Somewhere, in some hidden desire in the back of your mind
where you'll barely admit it to yourself, you know want to.

You know you want to be bad. So go ahead. Be a rebel.
Scream "Cunt" at the top of your lungs. Do it --- you'll
feel better, I promise. I did --- screamed it at the top
of my lungs, surrounded by 3 of my closest friends, who
were also screaming "cunt" surrounded by approximately a
hundred other women (and a few men), also screaming "cunt"
at the top of their lungs.

OK, I admit it. This scene did not come from my overactive
imagination. I went and saw the Vagina Monologues a few
days ago, and one of the monologues was
entitled "Reclaiming Cunt." It was fantastic --- the
entire show was absolutely fantastic. I laughed, I cried,
I laughed some more, and I left feeling....well, good about
myself, actually. It gave me an "I am Woman, hear me
Roar" kind of feeling. I'm telling you (yes you, the
possible reader), if you ever get the chance... GO SEE IT.

It was the best money I've spent this year. And, as an
added bonus, you get to tell all your male friends that you
saw the "Vagina Monologues." That's right, you get to
say "vagina" in public. It's great --- try it sometime.
Tell one of your guy friends that you saw the "Vagina
Monolgues." Or simply just say the word vagina, and watch
them turn a pinkish color and look away. Now that's
power. And you, my female friend, hold that power, right
there, in your vagina.

So go ahead. Be yourself. Love yourself even. Go see the
Vagina Monologues. Hell, tell people you saw the "Vagina
Monologues." Say "vagina" out loud. Masturbate. Enjoy
being a woman (and, if you're a guy, sit around and wish
you were a woman). Dance in the rain and sing in the
shower. But most of all, scream "cunt" as loud as you'd
like, and reclaim it for yourself.