2002-06-23 10:03:38 (UTC)

hour follows hour..


you cant really place blame, cus blame is much too messy,
some was bound to get on you, while you were trying to put
it on me,
and dont fool yourself into thinking things are simple,
nobodys lying, still the stories dont add,
why do you try to get ahold on what you'll never get a hold
you wouldnt try to put the ocean in a paper cup.
from one to the next, we dont know what each hour will
maybe we are both good people who have done some bad things.
i just hope it was okay, i know it wasnt perfect,
i hope in the end we can laugh and say it was all worth it.
we can only hold so much, is what i figure,
try and keep our eye on the big picture-but the picture
just keeps getting bigger..

and too much is how i love you, but too well is how i know
and ive got nothing to prove this time, just something to
show you,
i guess i just wanted you to see, that it was all worth it
to me.