up's and downs
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2001-06-22 17:12:53 (UTC)

i like someone new now

joe is soo fucking hot! and he likes me! i am soo happy! we
went to the movies on fri! and maybe chris will start to
get jealus of us ya know since i called him for joes phone
number and the number or the movies! maybe he'll get the
idea. and also him and joe are friends so maybe they will
talk about me! hopefully good! and tony said that joe might
ask me to go to the dance w/ him. or to go out! aww i'm so
excited! i have got to look good all week!he is so hot! and
i know this is totally different from e and chris cause
wehtn i went to them ovies w/ him he was over me, and joe
did enough to show he liked me but we didn't kiss so well i
don't know it's just different! oo i hope i go to the dance
w/ joe. and i hope chris see's us andgets all jealus! i
know he will in chris s eyes i will always be his, but that
is so over ee i could care less about chris, i just want
him to get mad, it counds mean but oh well.