A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-06-23 07:35:39 (UTC)


Well... its pretty much been abit of relapse. Partially
cause of stress and i've had my period for the past little
while and I just haven't been all that horny. So I haven't
had much action until tonight.

Anyways... I went online early on. Msn Chat... bdsm
alberta room. And I met this guy named Jeff. After some
convincing i let him come over.

Anyways... i met him outside. He looked not too bad. Abit
creepy looking.. he had no hair... but he was dressed
perfectly. Anyways... he came in and we sat down on my
couch together. He continuously told me how cute I was and
how cute I looked in my little outfit. I couldn't believe
it. It felt soooo good. We talked for awhile. and then
he asked for a neck message. I did it for him. it turned
me on so much. he turned around and we started kissing and
then he told me to turn my head and look down and he was
masturbating... it was so fucking hot.. i thought i was
gonna cream myself. Anyways... he held my head down and
made me watch that for awhile...and then he told me to
kneel in front of him... I started sucking... etc.

After I while... he grabbed me by the hair pulled me up and
told me to lead him to my bed. Once we got to bed alot
happend. I sucked more cock... my skirt called pulled up
and he fingered my clit as i sucked him... he made me
finger myself while he sat on my face and i licked his
ass. He told me was a dirty little girl i was and it made
me so hot. He told me that I was a nasty cunt...etc. I
loved it. After awhile he got on his back and i got in
between his legs. He had me spread his ass open and tongue
it good. At the time I don't think I was extremely
comfortable but when I'm thinking about it now... it makes
me hot.

I don't know what it is about licking ass. It just totally
turns me on. I get my face in there and I just can't seem
to get enough. Anyways.... me tonguing his ass hard ended
up making him cum. It was nice.

Afterwards he got cleaned up and we lied in bed for
awhile... just talking... flirting... it was nice.
Anyways.. he says he wants to see me again tommorow. I'm
thinking I still don't do stuff in the daylight. So... i
don't know yet for sure. I think things are definetly
gonna get interesting for me in the next little while.

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