up's and downs
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2001-06-22 17:06:25 (UTC)

i'm sooooo happy

well angela is going to go out w/ tony! koo huh? i think
so, and royce likes me! he likes me alot, but he doesn't
know if he wants to ask me out though. oh well. god he
wnated me to come over so bad last night! it was like 2:00
in the morning and he wanted me to come over! he was all
like i'll get you a ride, just please come over! god he is
soo hot! i wish that i could go out w/ him! him tony, and
zach got so drunk last night! poor royce i felt so bad for
him he thought he was giong to die, ect...i felt so bad for
him! oh well, he's all better now he called me today to let
me know that. he is so sweet! god i want him so ba! he kept
asking me to go to the mal or them ovies w/ him today! but
i couldn't go wich really sux! wish he would fucking ask me
out already then me and royce , angela and tony would all
go places together ya know? since were all best friends!