up's and downs
2001-06-22 16:56:36 (UTC)

boys are confusing!!

So this is what is going on.... Chris is a BIG ASS! I mean
I go to the movies and now he ignores me? I don't get him.
So I'm giving him a week. After that I am soo over him. I
already [email protected] So if he do'nt start talking, calling, writing,
whatever I'm going to be through w/ it. I deserve a better
guy. A much better guy! And supposaly Joe likes me, but as
if thats ever gonna work out cause of shannon and
apparently royce told john and donny he likes me? i
though "we" were over? i am way congused right now? i need
major help, i just want a good guy to have fun w/ ect... is
that to much to ask? i gues so cause i get stuck w/ a
bunch of ass holes! well i'm through w/ guys i'm just gonna
please myself from now on. also.... i was just talking to
zach on aol and he told me that he use to have a huge crush
on me! and who knows he's a shy guy he might still. but he
said that he doesn't so i guess i'll just believe him..