my mixed up world
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2001-06-22 16:46:19 (UTC)


Sorry about my entries before but I've been in a weird mood
lately. I don't know what's going on in my head or heart.
Anyways, today has been my mom has been a really big bitch.
Well not a bitch but I don't know, she's been really mean
today. See I'm supposed to go down to Richmond today to
spend the night with my sister (I live in Manassas and it's
about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Richmond). Anyways, I
was going to go down this morning at around 9am or 10am but
my Erin, my sister, called yesterday and said that she
didn't know where she would be today (She's doing this temp
work and she didn't know where they would send her) so I
should come down later, around 5pm. Now I told my dad
because he was next to me when she called and my mom was
asleep. Well this morning at like 7 or 8 my mom woke me up
telling me to clean my room before I left. So I told her
what Erin told me, only I didn't say WHEN Erin told me to
come, don't ask me why but yeah. And I went back to sleep,
less than an hour later she came back and asked me when I
planned on getting up so I told her around 12pm. And I went
back to sleep. Then at 11am my mom stormed into my room,
yelling that I was lazy and I needed to get up "RIGHT
FUCKING NOW!" It kinda scared me but I asked her why and
she was like "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" So I got up and cleaned
my room. Now I'm trying to figure out if I should tell my
mom that I'm gonna leave at 5 or if I should make it
earlier so that I won't have to deal with her. Hmmmmm. I
know I'll tell her that i'm leaving at either 1 (in 15
minutes) or 1:30. Then I'll go hang out with Jamie, cause
she's taking care of her sister's kids and said I could
come over if I want. Well I guess that settles that! I'm
not going to be able to write later today since I'll be in
Richmond but I'm bringing my sister back here with me
tomorrow and I'll write more then. Well I'm out!

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