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2001-06-22 16:44:13 (UTC)

grinding phones

My cell phone has been found! It was lost on Wednesday at
work, I seriously thought someone had stolen it. That
hasn't happened here for a long time, but i've been pretty
careless with my stuff and on wednesday my bag was lying
around not really being watched too closely. So, of course
I pretty much said that someone had stolen it. Okay, What
I actually said was that "I'm almost a hundred-percent sure
that someone has taken it". I was a 100% wrong. Stupid
me. It fell out of my bag when julie and I went shopping
and was hanging out in the van all by its lonesome.
Apologies must now be made.

Yesterday at work, Robin asked me if I was bored. I
answered honestly, and told that I am extremely bored,
tired of the same old grind. Nothing changes much here
except the faces, and that's not always the case. I have
been searching for a new place to work, but I can't tell
her that, not right now. This is definitely not what I
want to do with the rest of my life, and I'm at the age
where I better start figuring that out or be stuck forever
in a dead-end job that makes me miserable.

Yay! Plans with my jared this weekend.

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