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2002-06-23 03:13:35 (UTC)


How unlike me to vent here. Ha yeah right anyway. I'm sorta
worried about my friends right now. My friend Jason and my
friend Mira are seeing a movie alone together...probably
right now. Well that should be no big deal but they both
think that they may like the other..but aren't sure how they
feel. I'm worried they will kiss or something and then one
or both will decide they don't really like eachother that way
and will tell me and i'll have to advise..or they do both
like each other for a while then there are issues and they
want me to be the go between give advice or choose a side.
And they are both good friends...but when push came to shove
i know who i'd pick. I just hope neither of them feels
pressured to do stuff they don't want to do.

I guess i'm also feeling insecure. I wish I was beautiful
and all that and i wish i was the prettiest of my
friends.....and i won't ever be cause i'm not. So i guess
this could be me being selfish but i definatly want to go out
with the guy...maybe it is just my friends havinga boyfriend
and not me....but i sincerely believe i'm looking out for the
both of them.


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