Life At Sixteen, A walk in my And 1'
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2002-06-23 02:27:15 (UTC)

What is what this?!

Ok, there is this guy. He is a total sweetheart. I used to
have a crush on him, but that was a while ago. Ok so out of
no where he starts to talk to me more, flirting with me and
shit. It's all good though, I mean it is no big deal people
flirt all the time, right?! Of course. But not this guy. He
is not the type of guy to play with girls' minds or play a
chick to see what he could get out of them. So ramdomly on
Thursday night he just asked me to sit with him on his
board. I thought about it too, thinking it meant something.
Then on Friday night we all went out and we were flirting
around, AGAIN! So it is all good again. So on the ride home
he keeps moving his hand next to me, so I move mine too and
*POOF* we're holding hands. Pretty cool huh?! YUP! Sure is!
So tonight it is the same thing, the same type of 'only
noticable to me' flirting. It is pretty cool to actually
have a guy like me that I know would treat me right, not
saying that I never felt like that but look how everything
has turned out before witht he others. But here's the bad
part, he is gone all summer, he'll be in Gaugetown, for
Army. He is really psyched about it and it is not like he
doesn't ever come back to visit. He isn't going on the T.O
trip, and I'll never get to see him, and he kinda isn't my
type. I'm lost. I need some guidance.