my life
2001-06-22 15:33:43 (UTC)

Dear Sanger Family

Hi! How is the weather by you? If there is anything I can
do for you just ask? I hope the weather down there is nice.
The weather up here has been pretty nice. Your family means
the world to me. I can't wait for the kids to keep up and
start college up again. You are very special to have kids
like they are. The more I think about it I'm glad that I
meet Aaron and Abby. They have changed my life around a
lot. I hope that he can come up and see me this summer. It
will be hard if we don't see each other. I have treated
your kids like they are apart of the family. Sometimes I
wish that Heather and Jenny would treat him with the
respect I give him and the respect I have for the family.
We all show and give love in all different ways. Is there
any way you have books that would tell me a little about
your religion. He sure knows how to love a girl.