lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-06-22 23:13:02 (UTC)

less than 2 hours...

and i can't stand up. zach's party starts at 6, and here i
am, unshowered, bleary-eyed, nauseous, achy, and now grumpy
because i hate being sick. while that just sounds like a
hangover, i can assure you i just have some sort of flu-ish
thing. and it suuuuuuuuucks mothers.

i was really restless last night & then when i woke up, i
told myself, "oh you must have dreamed about not feeling
well!" so i went to driving school, but by 10 i just felt
awful. i wasn't hungry at lunch so i only ate some fries,
and now i'm still not hungry and my back feels like it's
broken...and i feel like i've been smoking massive amounts
of crack for an extended period of time. not that i would
know. but i feel nasty.

and i really want to go to zach's party & adam & keith's
thing...i reeeeeally reeeeally do. i think i will. but
now i'll be a grump. man this sucks.

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