This is me...trying to find myself.
2001-06-22 14:52:11 (UTC)


I met this really hot guy that goes to Devon's pool
and he asked me out. Well actually his friend Justin asked
me out for him but like I never answered yes or no. And Grr
I'm mad at me. LoL. The next time Devon sees him she's
goign to give him my number. I just hope she sees him
before Ashley and Phillip go to the movies becuase I was
going to invite Kevin.
LoL. He is sooo hott. *sigh* He looks like 15 but he's
only 12....
Well I thought that I really like nick but If I liked
him so much why do I like Kevin. Well I guess I do like
Nick A lot and I don't really know Kevin. He's just really
hott...So uh yeah
Well I'm goign to go now becuase there isn't really
much to write about...