Mysterious Attitude
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2002-06-22 21:55:16 (UTC)

notez pt.2

okay I'm goin to make a list of all the things i gotta

George- Megan-reaction to Paul- my reaction to George and
Paul- phone-goin out-writing
Ryan-chat-reaction to Paul
Poem written cuz of George
Park with Erica
Adrian calling me
Seeing Steven
Collecting Quotes
Invite to join a band
Walking Home from school with Adrian and Erica
Meeting Paul-Ino seein me
Everything with Paul
Chat with Erica
Hug from Kalton before school ended
Being Online
Seeing George last day of school
Last few days of school
Scott-store-coming to my house
Larry getting Married??-
William and Billy-
Going to Chris's house-
Writing Stephanie-
Amanda-fights-almost not being able to talk to her-
Ryan asking about 3sum-
Lydia going to Kos. Park-