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2002-06-22 21:42:21 (UTC)

The 1st day...

Well I decided 2 try this out...maybe this will work
better then the other diary sites I have tried. Anyways
2day is so boring I could just run outside in the 95
degree weather in a sweat shirt and sweat pants just for
exaustian. But oh well I am 2 lazy 4 that, I was hopin 2
hang with a certain sum1 2day but when I called him 2 c if
he wanted 2 hang out he sounded 2 tired 2 do anything ....
he said he was gonna eat then call me back but I doubt it
if I put on high hope then they will all come crashing
down. Always happens. Why me?? I always get pooped on.
Nothing good ever happens. Well some thing good has
happened 2 me I have the best guy in the world right now.
I really do love him alot. But I always take everything 2
personel an end up getten hurt over the dumbest things. I
just wish I could b happy 24/7. I watched this movie this
week called Snow Dogs an I cried, I CRIED!! I never cry.
At least I try not 2 I just hold things back cuz crying
makes everything worse. Well I am adopted and I lived a
pretty bad life where my parents treated me like crap. OK
I am dumb he just called me I feel bad. But I guess me and
him r gonna hang out for a while. Prolly over night I will
just finish my story later. I gotta go.....~Kim