My Small Corner of the World
2001-06-22 13:51:33 (UTC)

Nerds and Jocks Unite!

So sorry loyal fans. But I was vacationing so I wasn't
able to tend to my diary duties.
For the past few days, I was camping with two of my dearest
friends, one of my friend's boyfriend, and my boyfriend. I
was a little nervous about whether the guys would get along
or not.
My fears were defined by something my friend's boyfriend
told me. He came up to me after seeing my boyfriend throw
around a football and baseball. He said that my boyfriend
seemed good at sports. I said that he is, and that I
always joke around with him by calling him a jock. My
friend's boyfriend's face fell.
"Wow," he said, "He's a jock and I'm a nerd."
I think what my friend meant by nerd is that he likes
things like chess, computers, comics, and role playing
games. And my friend was under the impression that my
boyfriend liked things like sports, competition, and
showing his strength.
But all fears were put aside. My boyfriend complimented my
friend on being the only person there who could actually
throw a football (true, he was insulting me in the process,
but it's true. I can't throw a football). Then later on
in the evening my friend talked about this role playing
weekend camp he went to and my boyfriend surprised all of
us by saying that he went to one of those. All of the
sudden the two guys had a long conversation on role playing
and how much fun it is. Meanwhile, me and my girlfriends
looked at the two guys in awe.
Then, the next day, we all went hiking. Even though, for
the most part, the two guys stayed with their girlfriends,
they spent some time together at the pond we stopped by.
There had to be a million tadpoles in this little pond and
my friend's boyfriend was insistant on catching one of
them. So the two boys tried catching one together. Both
failed, but they had a good time doing it.
Naturally that night, the two boys got into another
conversation together again. This time complete with high
fives and "hellz yeah"'s being shouted.
The next day was sadder though. I told my friend's
boyfriend that me and my boyfriend had to leave the trip
early because of my sister's graduation the next day. He
wasn't excited about us leaving. We felt bad. And to tell
you the truth, I was sad to see it all end. Because for
one brief instant, the "nerd" and the "jock" had united as
a pair of chums having a good time. So maybe this camping
trip made my corner of the world a tiny bit bigger than it
was before.
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