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2002-06-22 16:38:54 (UTC)

Time forever - but there is no place to go

Well I have much time. But there is not a place to go.
I found a place in old continent where people could work
to help people. But there is not my way. The place to
make the course is in some where in oldest continent.
About that job in federal bank. In past just to make some
test was necessary to get job. Now it is necessary to
fix errors in answer sheet. And to send to test commitee
before two days past. Well I had lost twelve points because
of answer sheet errors. Every people knows that some
command of some program has that short cut. But answer
sheet said that it was wrong. I made twelve pages in three
copies to send to commitee to ask about errors and recover
lost points. I had not time to end it before time to send
to commitee. It last half a hour to shut the doors.
If some people asked about same questions I will not be
favored by decision. Each candidate have to ask for own
questions errors in answer sheets. Every people will not
be favored by decisions. Just people that claimed. And two
identical requests will be nulled.
There was a time when just to make right choices in
questions was a warranty of job in govern public jobs. Now
people have to fix and claim answer sheets for a commitee.
The better claimer will be the winner. It is not justice
maybe a new way to apart rich from poor people or to favor
affiliates of govern companies workers in public contests.
I saw Carol yesterday night. After two weeks alone she was
looking for a new boy. She thought I forgot her. But I was
fighting for a job in uptown. To wait for public contests is
not a way to get live in big city.
Saturday is always a iddle day.