My Life
2001-06-22 12:34:31 (UTC)

The Mystery Letters

Hey, it's me again. Ah duh....tehe.
So, anyway. The Mystery Letters? Yeah. I have been getting
these letters and they are really bothering me. I know that
I have other shit to talk about with you, my diary, but I
need to talk about this right now cause it is kinda
bothering me.
The other dsy I had to get the lock cut off of my locker
cause I locked both my keys in the locker. ( I was so mad!)
I left my purse sitting on my bed all day along with my
other shit like my book n stuff. I kept running in and out
cause I had to be there for them to cut the lock off, but it
took them like three or more hours to do to. I didn't want
to sit there and wait the whole time, so I was like in and
out and in and out ( I got one hell of a work out from
running up and down those stairs.)
So anyway, finally they cut off my lock. I throw my books in
it. Go out side. Chill. Come in. Change into my pj's, Wash
my face, brush my teeth, and do yoga. (My usual nightly
routine.) Then I clean up my locker, put my shit away, and
grab a book to read before I go to bed. I put my purse away
and I find this note underneath it. There was no name to it
and so I figure that it's for some one else and was put
there by mistake, who would be writing notes to me? So I
open it up and Read it. It's not a note, its a poem, and it
was deffiantly written for me, no question about it.
So, I didn't know what to make of it. I was in a way
flattered that some one went through the trouble and shit.
It didn't really bother me at all, I was just kinda like,
whatever. I kinda wanted to know who it was from, but then
again I didn't. It could have been any one, cause my purse
was sitting there all day and I didn't notice it until right
before I went to bed so I dont know when it got there and I
live in a dorm and ppl can just walk in and out your room. I
didn't know what to do about it, and so I did nothing. Then
the next one came to me the next day. So anyway, now I have
a really good idea who it is. I had a really good idea at
first but I was like nooooo I hope not and thats who I am
pretty sure that it was, so I am going to have to say
something to her. She is this black dike, and I mean, I am
bisexual, but I have no intrest in her and I know she knows
this and it's bullshit for her to keep this up.
Tehe...great mystery, right? tehe. Sorry I am not quite
the story teller so you probually won't understand this when
and if any one reads this, but thats just fine cause I will
and I am writing for me, not you.
So....thats far....It better be it...Bye