Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-06-22 18:23:33 (UTC)

knightz of columbus

ummm last nite whuz knightz of columbus. i dunno erin
whuzn't dating jeremy n e more and so she whuz telling
me 'bout dis guy named zane and shit like dat. and den zane
startin' talkin' to me and i dunno, turnz out he'z pretty
kool. well, i dunno i talked to erin and she seemed mad so
i went over and asked tiffany why and she said bcz i whuz
hangin' wit zane. and so i tried avoidin' him cuz i didnt
wanna hurt erin. but den i saw her all over jeremy and i
thought she whuz wit him again. and zane whuz really sweet
and shit. and he looked good. and i dunno. i whuz wit him
most of da nite cuz erin wouldn't talk to me cuz of melanie
and den cuz she whuz pissed so..? at da end of knightz of
columbus i ended up frenchin' him. i dunno sumthin' 'bout
him, just like made me like him. and bein' wit him made me
completely forget 'bout andrew and all dat shit. but now
erinz pissed and mad cuz i like him, so now i'm not gonna
call him, i'm not gonna IM him, i dunno i'm just gonna
forget 'bout him. i guess datz wut i gotta do???