Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-22 10:57:08 (UTC)

may 31-00

This was written may-31-00
while in prision
So yeah,Im really not trying to come back here.Dont get me
wrong had an exalant morning. woke up to the homboy making
me that fat cadilac to get me outta bed and ponyboy making
me hella laugh with some story about his homboy on the
streets but,
Its not the same as stumbling outts bed to becka already
being up and jamming some crazy jungle on the turn tables,
and the look in her eyes as shed show me the new shit she
mixed around with while I was asleep,like I just got up and
there was loud ass beat and amber already there
dancing,come out in boxers and the hair just fucked up
throw a dance to get by her and steel a few kisses from