Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-06-22 10:18:14 (UTC)


First off,let me say thanks for all the feed back
I wish time provided me enuff space to write you all
personaly and say thanks,I will however take this moment to
speak about one that I recived,It was so rad I cant explain.
It had a list of words mabe ten or twelve I dont know,
you get the picture,heres what happened I knew what it was
a list of words I miss spell all the time and the way they
are supposed to be spelled but it really to me a moment to
figure out which was which.ha/ha
I was really amazed though cause at the bottom it said only
a few words but they were rather perfect,
Who ever wrote this thank you I didnt feel injured or hurt
in anyway. Did a really good job of delivering some
constructive critisism(miss spelled Im shure).
Oh yeah sorry to say to everyone the spelling will probly
remain the same,I pretty much belive its the meaning and
feeling of the words that counts not the spelling!