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2001-06-22 08:29:50 (UTC)

Girl Troubles

Well, he's an interesting story. This girl i don't often
see, but ran into the other day, called me up to go out
tonite. We met up with a few of her frenz and had some
fun. It was a pretty cool evening all in all, i was
thinkin there was some chemistry. The evening is ending
and she's telling me about how she met one of my frenz
earlier in the week. I'm quite surprised, cuz he tried to
pick her up and he's already got a gf. She was quite
surprised, it seemed to me that she was trying to convince
me that nothing was going on between them. Obviously
nothings goin on, he's already got a girl he's been seeing
for a year. After that it seemed like she was trying to
repair all the damage she'd done to the possibility of us
getting together. I don't really wanna hear you compare me
to my frend and tell me i'm nicer. That pretty much puts
you off limits already. The look on her face when she
found out he had a boyfrend was one of total and utter
shock. If you've ever seen one of those mastercard
priceless moments, that woulda been it. I don't really
wanna hear about all the stuff that happened with you and
my frend b4 this week. How big a turnoff was that?
Thanks for the fun evening, catch u later girl!

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