Deep Down
2002-06-22 16:02:42 (UTC)

A Beautiful Day In Tahoe

I usually don't wake up early, but I woke up approximatly
at 8am this morning, and I heard the pleasant sound of blue
birds. I don't get that at home. I opened the windows and
smelt pine trees. *Breathes in deep* I don't get that
either. Things like these I miss.
I also miss the lake. That beautiful clear lake.
It's a tad bit windy today, but nothing a day at the beach
couldn't cure. I guess I'm taking Jen and meeting with a
bunch of friends at Kiva today to play some volleyball.
I just wonder what Neeley's doing right now.
I wish she were here and could come with us today. Later I
think I'm taking some of her older friends to Reno to go
clubbing and check out the music scene.
Good thing I brought my guitar...I might just do a solo gig
at a club......if I can find one out there.
Until my dreams, where I watch you sleep.......

Issac Martin Hendricks