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2002-06-22 15:25:11 (UTC)


Well, I no longer work at that other job. Good thing to
coz I didn't wanna work all weekend either. Bob called and
asked me to show up at 7:30 on Monday. It'll be strange
going back. When I went to Kellys to inform them I was
quitting, they said they might have another job for me.
They said it was a van driver. Driving parts to job
sites. I think that would be cool, staying on the move. I
have to get a resume written up this weekend so I can hand
it in Monday. Man, I woke up this morning with this fat
lip. I don't know if its from a zit or an allergic
reaction or what. Sure makes me look different. Eating is
a little strange too. Its warm and the sun is out so I may
go work on my tan today. Its getting to the point where I
love wearing less and less clothes. I'm not saying that as
a sexual thing, it just feels good to not have a shirt on.
Well its been one week since I heard anything from her. I
hope shes doin ok. My prayers are with her. Take care of
yourself. Love you, BYE!!!

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