Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-06-22 14:16:55 (UTC)

Love for Sale. Only 10 cents.

This morning we had a yard sale. I was going through my
stuff to try and find stuffed animals and clothes I didn't
want anymore.
For Valentine's Day, Adam bought me the Kiss-Kiss bears
from Hallmark. I was going to sell them for a dollar
because I just thought I was ready to let go. Well, my aunt
said she wanted them and so I raised the price to $3 for
each one. I ended up taking them back in the house.
For me and Adam's 3 week anniversary, he bought me a little
brown bear. I left it out there because I didn't think
anyone would buy it. A woman came up and asked how much it
was..My mom, not knowing where it came from said "10
cents." The woman bought it. While she was still looking
around, I went into my room and cried. Why was it so hard
to let go of a simple bear? I'm supposed to be getting over
Adam, not crying over him. Why couldn't I just watch her
walk away with it? Why did I have to hide from everyone?
Why couldn't i just say "it's not for sale."? I wish I
would have done something...or not have cried. Adam is an
asshole to me, so why am I giving in? Why is it so hard to
let go of love...Why is it so difficult to sell something
that was given to me by him...Why did I have to cry? And is
that all my heart's worth? A lousy dime? I guess so.