Pointless Ramblings
2002-06-22 06:39:09 (UTC)

I saw Danzig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to go see Danzig in Orlando. He was doing the 'I
Luciferi' tour and he just happened to be playing the House
of Blues at the same time that I happened to be on vacation
with Mongoose.

By the way I'm writing this at 2:40 in the morning so it
may contain spelling errors or just not make sense at times.

For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE fucking
misfits fan and I love Danzig with a passion.

I actually saw him up close. He's so great. I made eye
contact with him. I got about as close as ten feet to him
and he looked at me while I was screaming at him and he
threw up a 'hail satan' at me.

He was touring with Prong (best thrash band ever) and after
the show I got to talk to Tommy Prong and I had a
conversation with him and I made him laugh a few times and
he gave me an autograph.

Danzig sounded even BETTER live than he does on cd. He put
on a great fucking show and so did Prong.

The pit was fucking rowdy. When people first started
moshing (during Prong's set) I was right in the middle of
it and i slipped in this one drunk asian chicks beer that
she spilled. I fell down and this one very muscular bald
guy picked me up and threw me and I landed on my feet and
contiued moshing. Then I slipped in that stupid whore's
beer again and some guy helped me up and then pushed me
into a very large, dirty, smelly man with dreadlocks.

I made it to the front of the stage for Danzig. I had to
fight me way in between several large men all of which
weighed at least two hundred fifty pounds to get to the
front. When they played Twist of Cain I almost died from
people squashing me.

Then just when i thought it was safe to bask in the glory
of Danzig he played 'Mother.'

I feared for my life.

I actually got killed and then regenerated by having a fat
man in a blue jersey slam into me then jump on me.

Their was a ridiculusly sweaty man, with ridiculusly long
hair who decided to head bang for a ridiculusly long time,
who stood directly in front of me... it was gross.

Oh well I'm tired.

good night