Thoughts to Share
2002-06-22 05:20:46 (UTC)

I will survive

-For anyone that actually reads my journal....my internet
access will be limited for a while, so this most likely
will be the last entry for a month or so. Happy reading.:-)

Wow-what a summer...so far. As I was sitting here packing
some things up tonight and moving them out to my car, I
thought...I remember moving all our stuff into this house.
I promise it was like 2 weeks ago. (Really about 4 or 5.)
First session is over though. Thank goodness. I think we
all studied like mad. Physics wasn't overwhelming-except
for the labs that Meredith and I made quite a challenge
every week-but the subject has entirely too much math for
We did accomplish some of our goals this summer. We
cooked. I worked out...some. What else were we gonna
do....I can't remember. :-p We didn't get our black and
white pictures taken...but we will. Next year...we take
black and white pictures. :-p
The house...yeah, it was an experience. But, I can't say
that I'm sorry I'm leaving.
I'm glad to be going home. I'm really already missing my
girls here though. It's so lonely! Hopefully moving out
tomorrow will be quick and painless. No one to eat
breakfast with or have coffee with in the morning. :-(
My plans for this summer....work, yes...I'm very much
looking forward to working. Not just the pay-checks, b/c I
do actually love working at home...most of the time. :-p
I'm having all my wisdom teeth removed. That should be
horrible enough and knock me out for a few days.
Apparently I also should take a trip out to Montana. As
much as I would love to do that...I just don't think I
can. Makes me sad. :-( Hopefully though....the Salisbury
and Wilson girls will meet in the middle....or gather
somewhere. :-p We totally depend on each other.

alfadontie: however, im just isn't the same when i can't
see you through the bathroom
Kat5831: I know
Kat5831: I had to close the door
Kat5831: it made me sad :-(
alfadontie: awww...:-( you're going to make me cry
alfadontie: p.s.
Kat5831: I know :-
alfadontie: do you find it odd at all that you cried when
we left spring semester and we would see each other in two
weeks..but you didn't cry today and we won't see each other
til august?
Kat5831: ha, well....I don't know why I didn't
Kat5831: I think I was still in shock :-P
Kat5831: but....when I left Mer today (like I'm her mother
or something) I had a really lonely feeling deep in my
Kat5831: and I could not have stayed here second session
without you guys
Kat5831: no freakin way
Kat5831: I love you guys! :-D
alfadontie: oh no kidding
alfadontie: i know i love you guys too
alfadontie: like i have a hard time living day to day
without you

Like really....I'm going to miss these girls so much. And
it's only for like a month or so!

This fall...I enter pharmacy school. I'm SO excited. But,
I'm also slightly terrified and intimidated. No...no
slightly about it...I am. But, I trust that I am here for
a reason. That's all I need to know. With my trust in
the Lord, and my friends here to keep me sane....I will