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2002-06-22 05:10:42 (UTC)

maybe im all messed up, baby im all messed up in you...


im at work.. they called me in early to do data, so i'm
guna be here about 11 1/2 hours... im not complaining
though because i need the hours... aggh... im looking,
trying desperately to find somewhere to live by myself,
thats not in the ghetto, but i cant afford it on my own..
fuck.. they should have given me more time... im hungry..
claudia was guna bring me food but uh, i dont know what
happened to that plan... i guess jinks didnt want to come,
she said to not count on it... i spent the day with matt,
that was good... we went to my work to get my check that we
couldnt get.. i dont know what happened but i just typed a lot and
then it went away... anyway i was talking to caroline.. whatever.. i
guess shes with diana stupid bitch.. i cant stay awake.. im
going to go find something to do to wake me up for the next 4

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