Tali and Jag's Journey
2002-06-22 04:52:23 (UTC)

Our History, of a Sorts

There are 8 continents on our Earth, Calodia is the name of
our continent and it is the largest and most diverse. I
have only ever heard of the other continents, but they are
all as different as night and day. Polariana is a continent
mainly of cold winds, ice and snow, it warms up for only
2months a year; Weaverix is the smallest continent and it
is mainly mountains and waterways; Humara is an almost dead
continent - it is extremely hot and desert like, only the
toughest survive, it is said though that here is where the
worlds convicts go; Alexiandre is the richest continent, as
it is half farms and half industry, anything can be bought
or sold there; Lyniewe is an island that is based on sea
life and rainforests very mysterious, little is known;
Knowles is a war based continent, of average size,
everything about it revolves around war.........

Calodia is made up of 16 provinces, each with a capital
city. The rest are villages, except in the west, they
insist on calling them cities. Northwards will find you in
the deserts of Kwain, go Eastwards and discover the forest
and mountains, start going South and you'll find the
largest, freshest water supply in all the continents, head
west and discover our cities. Calodia is not exactly an
island, but it might as well be, considering we
are "landed" only by relatively small chunk of land, the
rest is surrounded by water. We are in the forest and
mountains of the East, its my home and in my opinion
stunning. But we are leaving Jagrati, we are going
Southeast to find a boat to take us somewhere, I want to
avoid the desert. So pack up we are leaving now

She closes her book with emphasis as if to prove her point,
and stands up to start walking off the log, out of the
corner of her eye, behind a tree, she sees a pointy blue
tail, that was not very long at all. She heads off in that
direction and before getting there, the lizard thing she
had seen earlier bolted out and stopped in front of her was
now sitting there staring at her. Wishing she knew more or
what it was. It looked and acted friendly enough, so she
took some granola out and held it out in her hand for it.
It came over slowly and snatched a piece out, and
disappeared for its tree again. She shakes her head in
amusement and heads back to camp to pack up.