Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-06-22 04:34:15 (UTC)

Ode to the many poems involving pain and suffering I see on this site

Heres my very own poem about everything that sucks. If
you're a frequent writer of these things, don't feel mad,
I do this because I can and it makes me laugh. Plus it'll
make the people I know chuckle too. Here goes, its not
even a poem, its just piss taking. Who knows, it might
even rhymn a bit.

I wake up and I see myself,
looking at me, so much fat,
fat no one else sees cause its not real,
when oh when will I learn to deal?

My boyfriend is great, all I see is a mess,
I hate my look but now I digress
What am I to do with my bad hair
I think every day I'm losing my flair.

My boyfriend dumped me, thats so bad,
all this time I was really sad.
Something so trivial could drive me insane,
truth of the matter is that you're all inane.

Day after day, I burn inside,
why oh why, can't I hide
the secrets and truths anymore?
Sometimes I could just hit a door!

You might wonder what the hell I was thinking when I wrote
this? Well to be honest I often enjoy it when I see people
writing about their problems, but not when thats all they
do. No matter hwo crap someones life is, theres at least a
small enjoyment someplace. I like to hear about Jim and
you watching a movie and commenting on how the floor was
sticky and other meaningless yet fun facts. I've been
though all sorts and I still do as much as I can to see
the better things. This has been a random rant by
Alexander Dickson, tune in next time.

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