Tali and Jag's Journey
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2002-06-22 04:18:29 (UTC)

Hitting the Road, Eventually

Early the next morning, just before the sun was up, Talibah
awakes to two small eyes staring down at her, goldeneyes
shaped like cats, but much to small to be cats. She jolts
upright and catches sight of a lizard like animal running
for the nearest bush, on its' two back legs. She stares at
the direction it ran, for a few minutes, to be sure it was
gone and not coming back, before getting up.

Stretching languidly and for a long time, she finally
headed for the stream to wash up and have breakfast. She
has been sitting at this campsite for 2 weeks now, mulling
over where to go, how and when to leave. Not once has she
written in Jagrati, or made any decisions. After her
breakfast she picks up the bag with Jagrati in it, and
heads off in the direction of the stream. Finding a fallen
tree that stretches over the river she plops down with her
one foot dangling and swing the other tucked under her,
Jagrati on her lap, closed. She digs in the bag, finds the
pen and opens her book.

Hello Jagrati, long time no write......i'm sorry.......i
have been confused......needed time....not even sure where to start

At first I think i expected someone to come and say I am to go home,
but then i started to think that I would ignore such a summons and go
off exploring and learning anyways. Then i began to doubt everything
I thought of, and everything had holes in it. I started to berate
myself, but I have come to a decision, first though let me explain
the lay of the land to you first, so you to can learn......