2002-06-22 03:46:52 (UTC)

Note to self...

so what's the matter?
you haven't written in god knows how long and you still
except attention? what the fuck's da matter with you?? I'll
tell you what's the matter..your a selfish lil prick,
that's what. Yea, a self relyin lil shit that hungers for
the attention of others..just to feel as though your shit
don't stink. Just so that you can feel that your
waaaaayyyy up there in societies fucked up totem pole.
Well, your nothing,lily absolutely NOTHING! So you can just
sit there listening to repeats of Fleetwood
Mac's "everywhere" and cry your eyes out...because no one
loves you...and no one will ever love you. You just get
used to feeling cold and alone cause that's how you'll
remain for the rest of your useless meaningless idiot.