Jess's fucked up little life
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2001-06-22 04:56:11 (UTC)

my life is getting so fucked..

my life is getting so fucked up. everything I do or say is
turning sour. My love life is come to a hault it feels
like. All we do is fight any more. Most of the shit we
fight about is stupid little shit anyways. But it still
fucks us up. I have been trying to be cool with him but hes
right under my skin. He tries but then he tries to make me
mad at the same time. Its so fucked up. Im not even gonna
bother giving my opinion any more, it not even worth the
effort. I feel that I cry more than I should these days,
but it seems that he dont want to fix our problems, even
when im willing to try. It's like when I cry, im calling
wolf all the time and he dont come to me any more. I need
him, but he just thinks im a baby. He told me tonite that
this is my last chance. Whatever that means. I suppost to
stop saying I hate him, but I get so fuckin frusterated
thats the first that come out of my mouth