nobody cares
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2002-06-22 02:33:10 (UTC)

hate it

tommorow night is much music spplash dance 2002 the BEST
party/dance/amusment night ever each year
this is my fourth year able to go but of course allllllll
my friends bailed on me not even one of them is going...
most of them arent going because there boyfriend/girlfriend
isnt going so ofcourse there being big babies and not going
i cant beleive they did this to me i mean i rave and rave
all year long about how much i just cant wait until splash
dance in the summer and almost go though the roof when i
know its only a week away
i dont even care if i go by myself but my parents wont
allow that
they say if nobody is going with u u cant goo
i want to go so bad i would even give up anything to go to
it i would give all my money that i have saved up for
colledge and my drivers listens if only i can go i
reallyreally really really really really really really
really want to go..........